Art and Architecture in Perth

When: 05:30pm - 18/04/2018

Location: Stirling House 49 Broadway Nedlands

A personal view of the decay of an ancient partnership’.
Refreshments available from 5.30pm; Bookshop open until 6pm.
Opinions vary in the context of Art and Architecture. The aesthetic status of both is a challenge today where both are degraded, in the view of the author. The ancient partnership has been overlooked, more often than not. Artists and architects pursue the whims of their own fantasies, sometimes creating beautiful works but often bypassing the long-established principles of good design. The outcome has become ‘anything goes’ in an environment where the community is not consulted, and appears to have no voice in urban design nor in ‘Street Art’. This talk explores the problems of a perceived neglect of order and discipline and the now common separation of Art and Architecture.
Ronald Bodycoat is an architect in private practice with extensive experience in conservation and heritage in the built environment throughout Western Australia. He is well-versed in the historical development of architecture in the State, is an artist himself and has strong views about the relationship between Art and Architecture. Ronald is a Life Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and a past State and National President of that Institute; a Member of the Order of Australia and recipient of a Centenary Medal, both for Services to Conservation and Heritage; an Honorary Life Member and Past President of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society during a membership of forty years. He is a Life Member of the National Trust of Australia (WA); an Honorary Freeman of the Town of Claremont; a member of Convocation at the University of Western Australia, and a Past President of the UWA Historical Society. He is currently Heritage Consultant to the University of Western Australia.

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