Gomboc Gallery and Sculpture Park

When: 05:30pm - 20/02/2019

Location: Stirling House 49 Broadway Nedlands

The next meeting at Stirling House is on Wednesday 20 February at 6pm when Lynne Hunt (with Ron Gomboc, Terrie Gomboc and Nien Schwarz) will present a paper on ‘The Gomboc Story’.
Refreshments available from 5.30pm; Bookshop open until 6pm.

Lynne Hunt at the Gomboc Gallery

Established in 1982, The Gomboc Gallery and Sculpture Park is one of the oldest privately owned, self-funded, free-to-the-public galleries in Western Australia. It has provided much-needed exhibition space so that, by 2018, it had held: more than 360 art exhibitions; 35 annual Sculpture Surveys; and over 100 artist-in-residence programs. This is the story of the Gomboc and its contribution to Western Australia, with particular reference to the development of sculpture, because, as Ron Gomboc noted, when he arrived in WA ‘Sculpture - one of the oldest art forms - was not readily available to the public’.

Ron and Terrie didn’t realise they were founding a significant Western Australian cultural resource. Nor did they necessarily mean to start a gallery. In their opinion, The Gomboc has grown like topsy. This story of what they did and how they succeeded is told primarily through their eyes. It also includes the voices of artists and sculptors they have supported.

Imagine a world without sculpture. It beautifies our public and private spaces and creates a sense of place. Even so, in the 1990s, David Bromfield was scathing about sculpture in Western Australia. He thought it had ‘an aura of tragi-comic dissonance, a farcical mismatch of form and intent’, which resonated with a Western Australian ‘boom and bust’ attitude influenced by a society based on mining. The consequence was that Perth had a ‘fugitive public domain’. Yet by 1996, he was saying: ‘It was not that everything happened at Gomboc’s - Just that very little would have happened without it’. This is their story.

Emeritus Professor Lynne Hunt has co-edited ‘Claremont Cameos’, and written a brief history about women in the Yilgarn. She also contributed to the Historical Encyclopedia of Western Australia. Ron and Terrie Gomboc are co-founders of the Gomboc Gallery and Sculpture Park, and Dr Nien Schwarz teaches sculpting at Edith Cowan University

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Cost $5.00 at the door