When: 05:00pm - 15/05/2019

Location: Stirling House 49 Broadway Nedlands

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society (Inc.)




A general meeting of the Society will be held:

Date:                     Wednesday 15 May  2019

Time:                    5pm (fixed so that the monthly meeting can following at 6 pm)

Place:                   RWAHS Headquarters, 49 Broadway, Nedlands, WA, 6009

to consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following as a special resolution:          

That the document submitted to the meeting, and for the purpose of identification signed by the Chairperson-of-Council of the meeting, is adopted as the Constitution of the Society, in substitution for the present Constitution of the Society (which is repealed).

Under Rule 26 of the current Constitution an ordinary member may appoint an individual who is an ordinary member as their proxy to vote and speak on their behalf at a general meeting.  The appointment of a proxy must be in writing on the proxy nomination form over leaf, signed, dated and delivered to the Chairperson-of-Council at 49 Broadway, Nedlands, WA, 6009 by no later than close of business on Tuesday 14 May 2019 (below for further  contact information below).

For further information, please refer to the Explanatory Memorandum which is included with, and forms part of, this notice of the Special General Meeting.

By order of the Council of the Society.


Lennie McCall



Explanatory Memorandum


Adoption of a new constitution for the Society


The Society is to consider a proposal to adopt a new constitution at a Special General Meeting of members on 15 May 2019. The proposed Constitution is based on the current constitution of the Society which, if this resolution is passed, will be repealed and replaced by the proposed new Constitution.


The impetus for this new constitution arises from a change in WA law. In 2015 the Parliament of Western Australia passed the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA), which came into force on 1 July 2016. This act requires the Society to make various changes to its existing Constitution before 30 June 2019.


In addition to complying with the new laws the amendments in the proposed Constitution are aimed at improving clarity, better aligning the Constitution with the functioning of the Society and promoting consistency. 


A copy of the proposed new Constitution is available for your review. A copy is available for consideration at Draft Constitution AND OR can be obtained on request from the Community Officer, Lesley Burnett:

Ph. 93863841, Postal address: 49 Broadway, Nedlands, W.A., 6009

Email: admin@histwest.org.au,

Notice of Special Meeting with Proxy form