Walter Buckeridge, optician in Perth through four generations

When: 05:30pm - 17/02/2021

Location: 49 Broadway, Nedlands

Elizabeth Eaton presents a lecture at the February general meeting.

‘Mr B The Optician’ was a family-run business for four generations of Buckeridge males from 1911 to 1989 when it was sold as a going concern. Walter Buckeridge arrived in Wester Australia in 1911 as a qualified member of the Spectacle Makers’ Association, the British Optical Society and the Institute of Ophthalmic Opticians. He was also a Freeman of the City of London. The registration of opticians was Walter’s main focus on becoming an inaugural member of the WA Optometry Association in 1916, and also his and his son Richard’s focus in their membership of the WA Association until registration was finally achieved by in 1940. The WA Optometry Association, later to become a branch of the Australian Optometry Association, was concerned about registration of practitioners and advertising among a range of other matters, such as the provision of services to the armed forces during the war years.

The talk will be based on Elizabeth’s family history research and will explore the development of the profession of optometry in this same period. Her cousin John Buckeridge, fourth generation Mr B, will attend.

Elizabeth Eaton (B.Psych, UWA) worked in mining, and at the CSIRO and UWA many years ago before she following her long-standing interest in natural resource management, much of it through the support of local government. Her interest in family history began with her grandmother’s story, and grew.

Mr B's refractor

Above: Mr. B's refractor

Below: Elizabeth Eaton 

Elizabeth Eaton

Event information: Walter Buckeridge, optician in Perth through four generations

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