The Society has developed a "History in a Suitcase Program" which brings parts of our State’s history into the primary school classroom and which fits in with the HASS Scope & Sequence for these Years. Students gain a hands-on experience of objects which our forebears used in their everyday lives. And teachers are provided with notes to ensure the immersive activities work well and students benefit from the learning.

A Suitcase has been developed for students in Years 1 to 3 and contains 10 items which were in everyday use, picture cards with teacher notes as well as several A3 photographs of early life in Western Australia (see below). 

A similar Suitcase with 9 items has been developed for students in Years 4 to 6 (See below).

Suitcases are available for loan from the Society for a period of two weeks. Teachers should contact the Society’s Administration on 9386 3841 to make a booking.  

The Suitcase will be delivered to the School and signed for on receipt. It will be checked and collected at the end of the loan period.

If considered appropriate a member of the Society is available to attend when the teacher gives a presentation on the Suitcase to their class. Members have the appropriate Working with Children accreditation.

Members of the Society have a great deal of WA history knowledge and access to a broad range of information and history artifacts. They welcome inquiries from teachers.

As an alternative approach or as a preliminary ‘taster’ for the Suitcases, their contents and notes can be downloaded as a screen presentation.

Loan period: two weeks

For further information email or call Lesley on 93863841


Suitcase Years 1 - 3

Suitcase Years 1 - 3

Suitcase Years 4 - 6

Suitcase Years 4 - 6

Memory Box 1

The main idea behind this Memory Box is for senior citizens to recall their earlier days and the different things that surrounded them and they used. So we are talking about going back in living memory – say 90 or so years.

This Memory Box contains a range of items for people to look at, each one acting as a memory jogger to recall the past. Items should bring forth different memories which can be shared and debated across the group. The items are simply triggers to promote discussion!

To assist with the presentation of the items, and provide some limited guidance, there are 8 sheets enclosed. They are not exhaustive, and suggestions as to how to improve them are welcome.

How many of the items in the Box have been replaced by the mobile phone? Think how much easier life is today with mobiles! But is it?

It is planned to create more Boxes with a broader range of items. Ideas welcome!

[Image to come]