Over the years the Society has been the recipient of a number of grants to help it with meeting administration costs and to undertake the work of managing its important Museum, Library and Photograph Collections. Recent grants include:

  • A Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) annual grant of $45,000 to assist with employment of administrative staff costs.
  • A National Library of Australia Community Heritage Grant for a significance assessment of the Society’s Museum collection.
  • A Lotterywest grant (2011) for $24,792 for professional fees to digitize and catalogue around 6,000 highly significant original Western Australian photographs.
  • Two Lotterywest grants for feasibility studies relating to the proposed new premises for the Society.
  • Annual Lotterywest grants to provide travel support for delegates residing outside the host district to attend the Royal Western Australian Historical Society’s Annual State History Conference of Affiliated Societies.
  • A Lotterywest grant of $141,839 to fund the transfer of its digitised historical collections databases to a software program that will enable information and images of all records to be available via the internet and the upgrade of its website which will be the vehicle for accessing the collections catalogues.

Public Campaigns

The Society supports the preservation of movable and build heritage in many ways.  As part of this activity it has participated in successful public campaigns.  These include:

  • the establishment of the State Archives and the J S Battye Library of West Australian History within the Library and Information Service of Western Australia (now the State Library of Western Australia)
  • the retention of the Old Mill, South Perth
  • the defence of the Barracks Arch, Perth
  • the preservation of the Palace Hotel in Perth
  • the recognition of the heritage values of the East Perth Cemeteries
  • the retention of the Round House, Fremantle.
  • the burnt historic Guildford Hotel restoration
Old Mill, South Perth (date unknown)
Old Mill, South Perth, 1890, RWAHS P1999.2228

Other important achievements

  • Nearly 15 volumes of annual parts of the publication of Early Days: Journal of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society
  • An annual memorial service to honour the pioneers who are buried in the East Perth Cemeteries has been held since 1953
  • The placement of memorials, frequently in partnership with local government, across the State to provide information and recognition of many facets of Western Australian history of special interest for tourists
  • It was largely because of the growing response in the 1950s to heritage issues such as the Old Mill and the Barracks Arch, that the Society supported the formation of a local branch of the National Trust of Australia. This support is recognised in the relevant legislation establishing the branch and granting the Society permanent representation on the Council of the Trust. The formation of the National Trust of Australia (Western Australia) has relieved the Society of some heritage responsibilities and thus enabled our members to concentrate on the vital role of cataloguing, collating and conserving historical documents and artefacts
  • The Society is represented on important historical organisations, namely:
    • Federation of Australian Historical Societies Inc.
    • Historical Records Rescue Consortium that obtained 2 Lotterywest grants to undertake digitising Western Australian historical newspapers.
    • History Council of Western Australia Inc.
    • National Trust of Australia (Western Australia)